Ultrasound 25 wks

Went to the doctor today for an ultrasound! I'm getting them regularly because of my high blood pressure in the past. It is under control now, but with high blood pressure you're at risk for other stuff too, so they just like to keep a close watch on baby Dalton's progress. They are making sure he's growing well and my fluid level is good and stuff like that. I don't mind going in because that just means I get to see my baby boy more often! Today he was opening and closing his mouth! haha. The ultrasound tech was like "He's either talking or drinking the fluid" And I'm like either one is believable... if he gets his mouth from us, it's usually doing one or the other (talking or eating)!! They said he is head-down and he had a hand AND a foot above his head~~ that explains all the crazy movement I've been feeling! He also poked himself in the eye while we were watching! That was funny! :)

I asked Dad to go with me since Todd can't get off work for every appointment-- he was thrilled! He had never seen an ultrasound before, so it was really cool that he got to see Dalton moving around and hear his heartbeat too! Grandpa was proud!
Here's the one with his MOUTH open!
Cute profile with five fingers beside his forehead!
Those circles in front of his lips are bubbles! He was blowing them!

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Heidi Mixon said...

Bubble blowing ultra sound..ahh how cute!