A few pics

I'm baaaaaaack!

After receiving some monetary gifts for my birthday, I put them together and added a little..... and we are now the proud owners of a LAPTOP! Yes, I am just now owning a laptop. We have had the same desktop since before we got married, that's 6 1/2 yrs!!! It was ancient and VERY slow. We had enough with it crashing and creeping along, so with the great deals they have right now, we decided to give in and do what was long overdue!

That being said.... expect lots of updates and pictures! I have no excuse now, so please harass me if I don't follow through.

I don't think I could possibly back-post the 500+ pics (I did add them to facebook, for all of you facebookers) so I will vow to do better starting from now. I've picked a few of my favorites from the past few months to add here. (Slideshow to come)

Dalton is growing so fast... already 8 months! And I can't believe it!
He's sitting up so good~ babies have such good posture!
He will stand holding to the sofa, but doesn't pull up to get there yet.
He eats anything we put in front of him, which includes just about any jar baby foods. He loves the fruit mixtures!
Although, he is still not a fan of sweet peas and we just discovered "chicken & veggies" is the nastiest puree ever!
He knows how to crawl, but chooses not to. He will turn a complete 360 using his hands and knees, but will go no further. So I know the skill is there, but he's in no hurry! He needs to perfect it b/c he still uses his face to scoot on! Apparently someone showed D this video when teaching him to crawl. That's what Dalton does to reach a toy-- left then right, left then right! Sooooo stubborn, but determined!
He also dances like he knows exactly what he's doing! It's quite entertaining!