His Other Love (Orando, The End)

While we were at the resort, we noticed helicopters flying over really low, and each time Dalton would start yelling something.
We finally interpreted "Harold".
For non-Thomas the Train addicts, Harold is the helicopter on the show.
Go figure, this kid would be able to say "Harold" when he can't even say simple stuff!
Anyway, we found the source for the low-flying helicopters . . . a helitour place nearby.
There was a couple there thinking about flying. The woman was chickening out, but thanks to my son's pitiful face and ravashing good looks, she opted for the ride!!! (In my mind, I'm thinking, if they crash I'm gonna feel really bad!)
Dalton got to experience a Harold taking off! It was loud and super windy, but HE LOVED IT!
I don't think his love for helicopters will replace his love for trains, but he sure does love some Harolds!

What a fun last day in Orlando!
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Can't You See (Orlando Part 7)

. . . why we didn't want to leave!

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Rainforest Cafe & D'town Disney (Orlando Part 6)

We went back to Downtown Disney to eat at Rainforest Cafe, since T-Rex was such a big hit with D!

And this time, we really won points with our little guy!
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The Happiest Place (Orlando Part 5)

Truly is the HAPPIEST!
We spent one day at Magic Kingdom and Dalton was in heaven.
Some of the pictures may not look like it,
but he LOVED the characters once he warmed up and he couldn't get enough of the rides!
I can't believe I was worried there was nothing for him to do! We did a lot!

(If this isn't the sweetest! After a few rides, Dalton kept hugging on us, as if to tell us Thanks for bringing me here!)

Best idea ever: Going back to the resort for a nap in the middle of the day! It allowed us to come back and stay to see the beautiful parade and fireworks!


Whatever It Takes (Orlando Part 4)

What does it take to keep a toddler content at a super awesome restaurant?




We had a yummy dinner at Bahama Breeze and then headed to . . .

It was so beautiful at night and we had a good time enjoying the breeze and pretty lights!


SeaWorld (Orlando Part 3)

Spent 1/2 day at SeaWorld and this was plenty of time. You'll see why later. Read Lesson 251. We really had fun though!
First "character" experience. Dalton did so good!

Dalton gave the dolphins a "thumbs-up"! He loved seeing them underwater.

Lesson 251: No matter how much juice/snacks/bribery you use, a toddler will only sit still to watch large aquatic mammals jump out of the water for so long. :( This was our one and only show. You can see. He was miserable.
Flailing/running+metal bleachers=panic attack for mommy.
The END.

We much more enjoyed walking around, looking at exhibits, and riding rides.
Dalton riding his first ever ride. He loved it.

After the first ride, there was no stopping him!
Where was mommy, you may ask? Well mommy doesn't do rides that go in circles, i.e. EVERY kiddie ride.
He was ecstatic about seeing the penguins. He thought they were Mumble from Happy Feet!


Downtown Disney (Orlando Part 2)

Downtown Disney . . . the best "free" place to walk around and enjoy!

Dalton at TRex Cafe

He had a love/hate relationship with the BIG TRex. He loved it, but hated when it moved!

Lego Woody. He was jumping up and down so it's a little blurry. Just.a.little.excited!

We weren't prepared for there being a fountain, so . . . he just wore his diaper. He didn't care!
On the carousel.