SeaWorld (Orlando Part 3)

Spent 1/2 day at SeaWorld and this was plenty of time. You'll see why later. Read Lesson 251. We really had fun though!
First "character" experience. Dalton did so good!

Dalton gave the dolphins a "thumbs-up"! He loved seeing them underwater.

Lesson 251: No matter how much juice/snacks/bribery you use, a toddler will only sit still to watch large aquatic mammals jump out of the water for so long. :( This was our one and only show. You can see. He was miserable.
Flailing/running+metal bleachers=panic attack for mommy.
The END.

We much more enjoyed walking around, looking at exhibits, and riding rides.
Dalton riding his first ever ride. He loved it.

After the first ride, there was no stopping him!
Where was mommy, you may ask? Well mommy doesn't do rides that go in circles, i.e. EVERY kiddie ride.
He was ecstatic about seeing the penguins. He thought they were Mumble from Happy Feet!

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