Dalton's Thomas the Train Party

Here's Dalton's 3rd Birthday
There was no question that it would be train themed. 
I bought some Thomas themed stuff and then got a little creative for everything else.

 I found clip art of both of these railroad crossing signs and printed on Avery sticker paper, ran through the printer, cut them out and voila! I bought lollipop sticks at Michaels and placed the signs on the sticks (sticky sign on front, and plain paper on back, to make them stick). 

I bought a few centerpieces that matched the Thomas theme, but for the round tables, I used pieces of the wooden track to create railway scenes and attached balloons. This was a big hit with the kids b/c they could play at the tables.

 This was the favor table. I bought the bags and whistles to match, but made my own snack favors.
 These were Hostess brand HoHos. Again, I created this image using Microsoft Word and then printed on sticker paper and placed on the HoHo package. Super simple!

Little boys love . . .

trains and their Grampaws!
Grampaw and I took Dalton to see the old train, train depot, and to eat at the "Whistle Post Tavern" in Conyers! I guess you know, he LOVED it!
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These two are a trip! Even though they don't see each other often, Koletyn loves Daltma. But what's funny is when Daltma isn't around to defend himself, Koletyn says "Daltma did it!" Haha!
Mimi: "Koletyn, who made this mess?
Koletyn: "Daltma"
Mimi: "Koletyn, who broke this?"
Koletyn: "Daltma"
Poor Daltma better learn how to say a sentence so he can defend himself. lol.
I predict these cousins getting into lots of trouble in the future!

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His Other Love (Orando, The End)

While we were at the resort, we noticed helicopters flying over really low, and each time Dalton would start yelling something.
We finally interpreted "Harold".
For non-Thomas the Train addicts, Harold is the helicopter on the show.
Go figure, this kid would be able to say "Harold" when he can't even say simple stuff!
Anyway, we found the source for the low-flying helicopters . . . a helitour place nearby.
There was a couple there thinking about flying. The woman was chickening out, but thanks to my son's pitiful face and ravashing good looks, she opted for the ride!!! (In my mind, I'm thinking, if they crash I'm gonna feel really bad!)
Dalton got to experience a Harold taking off! It was loud and super windy, but HE LOVED IT!
I don't think his love for helicopters will replace his love for trains, but he sure does love some Harolds!

What a fun last day in Orlando!
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Can't You See (Orlando Part 7)

. . . why we didn't want to leave!

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Rainforest Cafe & D'town Disney (Orlando Part 6)

We went back to Downtown Disney to eat at Rainforest Cafe, since T-Rex was such a big hit with D!

And this time, we really won points with our little guy!
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The Happiest Place (Orlando Part 5)

Truly is the HAPPIEST!
We spent one day at Magic Kingdom and Dalton was in heaven.
Some of the pictures may not look like it,
but he LOVED the characters once he warmed up and he couldn't get enough of the rides!
I can't believe I was worried there was nothing for him to do! We did a lot!

(If this isn't the sweetest! After a few rides, Dalton kept hugging on us, as if to tell us Thanks for bringing me here!)

Best idea ever: Going back to the resort for a nap in the middle of the day! It allowed us to come back and stay to see the beautiful parade and fireworks!


Whatever It Takes (Orlando Part 4)

What does it take to keep a toddler content at a super awesome restaurant?




We had a yummy dinner at Bahama Breeze and then headed to . . .

It was so beautiful at night and we had a good time enjoying the breeze and pretty lights!