Happily Ever After

Once upon a time, this guy and girl were getting their hair cut in a small town hair salon. The girl was maybe 14 or 15 but the boy was much older. The guy says "I like your haircut, it looks pretty."  Girl smiles and blushes and heads to the car with her mom. The girl says to her mom, "Did you see that guy, he was cute, and he liked my hair?" Mom says, "I know him, he's one of my bank customers. . . he's much too old for you."
Fastforward a few months. 
The girl's cousin was showing off pictures from a youth lock-in at church. And then her heart started fluttering, she smiled. "Hey, I've seen that guy before, who is that?" Her cousin says "A nice guy at Granny's church." 
Over the next weeks to months, the girl and her mom seemed to bump into "this nice guy" all over the place. The girl finally realized that he worked at Walmart in the dairy dept. So each trip to Walmart turned into her saying "I'll get the milk!" And then trying to peer over the rows and rows of milk in the cooler, for maybe a quick glance at that special guy.
One day the guys says "Hello." and of course, the girl freaks out.
She decides, it must be destiny. 
The girl gets this guy's IM screen-name from her cousin and musters up the courage to start up a conversation. The two click immediately and talk about how he once lived across the street from the girl's grandparents and went to church with her other grandmother, and of course, knew her mom from the bank. They talk about mutual friends, hobbies, and after what seemed like forever . . . the guy asks her out. 
The girl was 15 and the guy almost 20, so once she convinced her sweet mom to allow it, they went to the mall, to lunch and to the movies. The girl realized that he was much more cute up close and a whole lot sweeter!
That was it. They were in love.
Others said it wouldn't last because the girl was so young, but it was three years later that that same amazing guy got down on his knee to ask for her hand. He was sweating and nervous, but in his heart, he knew what she would say. She said "YES!" and almost a year later they were married in a beautiful church wedding, with many friends and family there to witness the work of God's hands.
The first year or so was a struggle due to the couple being in college and the guy supporting the household totally on his own. But they made it. Their love was stronger than anything that crossed their path. 
Things started looking up when the guy graduated from college and got a teaching position at a local highschool, but then the couple received the shocking news that his mother was sick. Very sick. Once again, they were side-by-side, hand-in-hand, facing a struggle. The biggest one they had ever faced together. Their faith in the Lord saw them through the hardest and most life-shattering event when the lost her, not even a month after being diagnosed.
The girl went on to graduate from nursing school, just a few months later, and got a job doing what she had always dreamed of doing, delivering babies.
Although the guy still struggled with losing his mom at such a young age, he knew that the girl would be there, no matter what. They bought their first little fixer-upper house together and quickly transformed it into their home. The teacher and nurse sat in their home, amazed at how far they had come. And were still so much in love. 
Fastforward about a year later. The guy and girl l-o-v-e-d children and always had. They wanted to wait to have a baby when the "time was right" and they were "settled". So they had waited, patiently (the girl. not so patiently), and finally started to talk about making a family. They should have known that their plan was not necessarily the Lord's plan. Afterall, he had orchestrated this union, from the hair salon, in the very beginning.
The couple was told they would have to seek alternative means of starting a family. They.were.devastated. They really didn't have the financial means to do this, so they went along with the doctors plan, but in the meantime they just prayed and prayed. A month before the couple's scheduled consultation, they were taking a trip to Disney World. The girl was packing suitcases while the guy was at work. She had a gut feeling that she might be pregnant, but she had been wrong many times before. 
She took a test. Then another. And another.      It was positive.     They all were positive! 
Praise God, He is the master planner. The girl couldn't wait to tell her sweet husband. She called him. He couldn't speak. He was in shock. "What? I thought this couldn't happen?!?" It could. And it did.
They had been through so much together, and here they were again, faced with another life-changing event. This one was good
The guy was even more gentle and kind than the girl had imagined. He loved her and cared for her and their unborn baby so much. He catered to her every need and worked even harder to support their growing family.
On November 22, 2008, they became parents to the chubbiest little red-headed angel. Their love story had only just begun. 

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