Dalton's 1st Christmas

We had a wonderful 1st Christmas with Dalton! He was such a trooper through all of our many festivities with the families! It's so great to spend time with everyone!

Christmas with Timber on the 23rd(So happy about her picture of Dalton)

Christmas with ourselves (just Todd and I) on the morning of the 24th... we knew we better make time for ourselves early because of all the craziness on Christmas Eve and Day.

Christmas with Grampaw on Christmas Eve day

Christmas with Mimi, PawPaw Lynnie, Nanny, and Blake

Christmas with the Williams'

Christmas morning at home

Christmas morning at Mimi's

Christmas Day with the Walden's

Christmas Day with the Payne's

This is our poor baby Christmas night after our many travels...
he was worn out!

Christmas with Uncle Brandon and cousin Koletyn on the 26th


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!!
The House of Payne


4 weeks old!!

Can't believe Mommy's baby is already 4 wks old! It has really flown by! Pray for us because that means Daddy's return to work is coming all to soon! He is such a big help and I've caught myself being a little too lazy! That's gotta change... he goes back on January 5th. Here are some pictures of little man at 4 wks.
Us after church
Melting my heart with that big 'ole smile! How about yours??

Looking like a little boy, not a BABY!

Napping REALLY good!

Cousin Love!

Dalton has so many people that love him, here are some of his cousins loving on him!
Dalton and 2nd cousin CaydenDalton and 3rd cousin SydneyDalton and 3rd cousin Sasha

Dalton and 3rd cousin Garin

Dalton and 3rd cousin Sawyer

(For those of you cousins not pictured . . . Dalton can't wait to meet you and loves you very much!)


Tummy Time

Dalton's new favorite way to nap (under close supervision, of course)! He looked like a little angel, I had to take some pictures to share!

Look at that hair! :)


Happy Birthday, Honey!

Happy Birthday Todd!
Today Todd turned 29. This year must have been the best birthday ever, with his little mini-me at his side! They both are amazing and I'm so thankful God has placed each of them in my life! I pray that Todd has many many more happy birthdays ahead. Here are some pictures from the various celebrations-- birthdays always last a few days around here!

Todd and his fave BANANA PUDDING! Made by Mom, not me, I'm off-duty this year!

Dalton's "Handsome like Daddy" bib

Our family
How cute? Daddy and Dalton