I know I know I know . . . everyone tells me all the time. But I was going through some old pictures from last year and REALLY realized . . THIS CHILD IS HIS FATHER'S CLONE! I'm not complaining, but I'm just sayin' . . .
Same ears, same cheeks, same mouth, same face shape, same eyebrows, SAME EVERYTHING!
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Easter 2010

Easter morning

Lunch with the Dodds

Afternoon at Nana Debo's

Hope everyone had a great Easter too! And remember it may be fun to hunt eggs and enjoy family, but the real reason for celebration is that Our Savior has Risen! Hallelujah!


Mickey is Egg-cellent!

I'm not gonna lie. We have been waiting on an excuse to dye some Easter eggs . . . and now that we have Dalton, we get to act like kids again! Dalton started out helping us, but as you can see, Mommy & Daddy did the dirty work! The proof was on our hands.

Dalton was pretty proud of Mommy & Daddy's eggs! :)

The Zoo Crew

When Todd was little, his family always went to the zoo to hunt eggs and see the animals for an Easter tradition. We decided to start this tradition for our family. So we took Dalton and invited some family and friends to join. Here's a selection of the 250 pics I took. What? It was his first trip to the zoo!

Our little family

Mimi & Blake helping D hunt eggs.

The little ones: Nolan, Timber, Halie, Kaylie, Dalton, & Blake

Blake, Dalton, Timber, & Halie strolling!

Dalton & Daddy with the elephant.

Dalton & NaNa

Mimi & Dalton!

Natalie, Kaylie, Mandy & Nolan on the train.

Mommy & D on the train

We had so much fun and made lots of memories. Can't wait to go back when it's not so crowded and Dalton can really enjoy the animals. He LOVED them!


Bye-bye Sweet Curls!


and after!

I miss those sweet curls, but needed a haircut for this hot weather. His head was always sweaty!
As always, Ms. Christy does such a great job!