Any Reason to Celebrate

It started out just like any other playdate, until Dalton spotted his 1st bday shirt in a box . . .
he insisted to wear it (and started acting so silly)!
Then Mommy found some bday hats and the boys wanted to wear them.
So we decided to just have a party . . . Celebrating these sweet boys and their silliness!
NaNa helped them boogie down!

It's so fun to get down to their level and act just as crazy as them. I think it does me good to let loose!
And by the way, it's so funny how 1 yr olds (especially mine) will only do stuff when you don't need them to. He would NOT wear a hat on his birthday, nor anyone elses, but of course, since he didn't have to, he did! That's just how it goes!
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Oh, he does have a face!

Finally, I decided to not be selfish anymore and to get over my fears . . .
Mommy let go of the curls and Dalton proved my assumptions wrong . . . he did great!!!
Dalton sat in Grampaw's lap and watched Thomas while Ms. Christy cut his super long hair.
He did fantastic, which is such an improvement from the last time.
(Embarrassingly enough, that was in March)
And look at him, mommy's sweet boy is growing up so much.

I told him to show me his teeth, and that's exactly what he did. Look at those chompers, the reason for many sleepless nights in the House of Payne!
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Have you ever seen so much hair on a child???

If he'd only sit still for a haircut, I would totally be willing to let go of some!!!

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Braves V. Padres (July)

We went to the Braves' game for a little "date"/b-day celebration for me!

Great guy, great food, great seats, great game! What fun!

North Ga Trip (July)

Dalton's first time seeing a horse!
(Dalton, Daddy, & Grampaw)

Driving Daddy's truck.
In the pool.
On the playground

Father's Day 2010 at the Aquarium (June)

Dalton's First trip to the Aquarium

Dalton & Grampaw

Dalton & his Daddy
Whoa! Checkin' out the whale shark!

Daytona Part 3

A whole lotta love for this sweet boy!

Our Family at Dinner
Beach Pic

The End! (Until we can get our toes in the sand again!)

Daytona Part Deux

Dalton & uncle Blake

See I wasn't lying!
Poolside naps on Mimi are the best!

Daytona '10 Part 1 (June)

Things don't always go the way you plan. (The lesson from our beach trip)
To celebrate Todd being out of school, we went to Daytona to play in the sand and take in the sun and sights!
Well . . . . I had 2 ER visits (high fever, vomiting, all of the above) during the trip and spend almost the entire trip in bed. So Mimi and uncle Blake came to the rescue to help make sure Dalton had a good trip and I got better!
All in all, it was a great trip and I managed to snap a ton of pics on the days I was out and about.

Dalton was so excited when he saw the water!
He loved it! Whew!
Daddy & D

Mommy & D

Beach Bum

Awesome kiddie area

Dalton's Partners in Crime! (May-June)

Dalton is starting to get into trouble . . . and he has HELP!

Dalton (18mos) & Nolan (14mos)

Dalton & Koletyn (26mos)

Mother's Day (May)

Had a great Mother's Day with my mom, Aunt Sherri, Nanny, & Shanda
(and the guys too, but hey, it's mother's day), just hanging out by the pool!

Me and my little buddy!
Such a blessing to have him to call my son on Mother's Day and everyday!

Here's what we've been up to!

Stay tuned for posts updating the past few months!