Check this out!

Okay seriously, do you see this?? These cheeks have been the talk of my doctor and the ultrasound tech for a few weeks now. Funny to them, not so funny to me! This picture was at the 29 week ultrasound. The ultrasound tech first commented on his chunky cheeks, then proceeded to leave the picture up for the doctor to see when he came in. He chuckled and said "You are going to be able to carry him around by his cheeks!" Haha. This is no suprise to me if any of you have ever seen me from birth to 1 yr or have seen Todd and I now with our large jowls. I think he is absolutely adorable and cannot wait to squeeze and kiss these cheeks! It just makes me worry about the size of this toddler that I am gonna have to birth! Ahhhh!


Fall Break in Daytona

For Fall break we headed off to Daytona Beach, FL. I hadn't been there in quite a while and Todd had never been, so we took advantage of swapping our timeshare to go there for the entire week. Mom Lynnie and Blake came down too. We had lots of fun. The waves were incredible, nothing I've ever seen on the gulf! The sunsets were amazing! And our place was great, with a lazy river, waterslide, 4 pools, indoor putt-putt, and lots more. There was definitely not a chance of getting bored. We will definitely be taking Dalton when he gets bigger!

How to make a family happy--- DONUTS!
Our super-sweet accommodations!
Mom and Blake in the lobby
Todd and I at Bubba Gumps... yummy!
Blake and Lynnie at Down the Hatch
My handsome husband looking over the bay
Amazing evening sky
Me sitting on the pier watching Todd fish...
Title of picture: Where are my knees

Me on the pier

The boys after deep-sea fishing
Our family's "Dune Picture"
The cutest little family ever!


Update on Baby D!

Had a doctor's visit today. Started my first week of weekly biophysical profiles (BPP). This is a test to check the well-being of baby Dalton. Dalton gets points based on findings from the ultrasound, he gets points for amount of amniotic fluid, movement, heartbeat, muscle tone, and practice breathing. Here's a link if you are curious: He got all his points this week! Yay. If there is ever a week that he doesn't receive a perfect score, the doctor will decide if it would be better to bring baby Dalton into the world rather than leave him in unsafe conditions. That is the reason for this weekly test!

He was acting like his father again today, of course! The little monkey had one hand and foot in his face, trying to suck fingers and toes at the same time! Why am I not suprised?? The tech managed to get a few cute pictures of our little acrobat! He smiled today, it was amazing! He is still growing nicely at about 2lbs 10oz, which is about right for this stage!

Dalton smiling, finally a profile that looks like me!!

Looking like his daddy as usual! Lips poked out!

If you can make this out, it's an amazing

picture of baby Dalton's face! He has big cheeks! Not suprised!

With his little leg hiked up, showing off his manhood!

(Look at those calf muscles, must get them from Todd)


Lacking tact

Ladies and gentlemen, lets all please remember to think before we speak!

As an addendum to the post about rude/awkward comments:

"Wow, you're low, is it a boy? I wasn't that low until right before I delivered, and I was 3 wks late!"-- Kohl's cashier

"Oh my, you're twice as big as last time I saw you! Sure there aren't 3 in there? They could've been hiding. What are you going to do when you are 9 months?? We will have to let you lay on the sofa and give you a long straw to the refrigerator." -- delicately spoken by my Dad


The beginning of Dalton's nursery

We purchased some of the nursery furniture a
few weeks ago, but took the time today, on Labor
Day, to put it together. Thanks Mom for your
help!! Blake even helped screw the screws
(which we tightened later of course!). I basically
just sat on the floor and bossed everyone around,
it's fun being preggo! Anyway, this is the changing
table. The stain is coffee colored, which I think
will be gorgeous with the bedding!

This is the crib! I love it so much and I can't wait
to put the bedding on, well . . . . after we get a
mattress! haha. Once again, Mom is holding the
bedding hostage until after my showers! YUCK!

The beginning of a very cute nursery! Haven't
decided about painting the walls yet. Todd is NOT
a painter, so I'm recruiting! Any takers?? It took us a while to pick out the baby bedding
once we found out we were having a BOY, but
once we saw this we knew it was perfect for our
little man! Todd being the animal lover and me
LOVING the polka dots, stripes, and color
combination of blue/brown... we fell in love with
this! Mom ordered it online and is holding is
hostage at her house, so I pulled this picture
offline. :(

My very first EBAY purchase! So proud! This
could not be any cuter!

Slowly but surely we are collecting stuff for
Dalton's room. I had a few things from
when I was a baby that we will be using.
This was my bassinet when I was a baby!
I just have to find some bedding that's
not too frilly or girly!