Update on Baby D!

Had a doctor's visit today. Started my first week of weekly biophysical profiles (BPP). This is a test to check the well-being of baby Dalton. Dalton gets points based on findings from the ultrasound, he gets points for amount of amniotic fluid, movement, heartbeat, muscle tone, and practice breathing. Here's a link if you are curious: He got all his points this week! Yay. If there is ever a week that he doesn't receive a perfect score, the doctor will decide if it would be better to bring baby Dalton into the world rather than leave him in unsafe conditions. That is the reason for this weekly test!

He was acting like his father again today, of course! The little monkey had one hand and foot in his face, trying to suck fingers and toes at the same time! Why am I not suprised?? The tech managed to get a few cute pictures of our little acrobat! He smiled today, it was amazing! He is still growing nicely at about 2lbs 10oz, which is about right for this stage!

Dalton smiling, finally a profile that looks like me!!

Looking like his daddy as usual! Lips poked out!

If you can make this out, it's an amazing

picture of baby Dalton's face! He has big cheeks! Not suprised!

With his little leg hiked up, showing off his manhood!

(Look at those calf muscles, must get them from Todd)

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