Fall Break in Daytona

For Fall break we headed off to Daytona Beach, FL. I hadn't been there in quite a while and Todd had never been, so we took advantage of swapping our timeshare to go there for the entire week. Mom Lynnie and Blake came down too. We had lots of fun. The waves were incredible, nothing I've ever seen on the gulf! The sunsets were amazing! And our place was great, with a lazy river, waterslide, 4 pools, indoor putt-putt, and lots more. There was definitely not a chance of getting bored. We will definitely be taking Dalton when he gets bigger!

How to make a family happy--- DONUTS!
Our super-sweet accommodations!
Mom and Blake in the lobby
Todd and I at Bubba Gumps... yummy!
Blake and Lynnie at Down the Hatch
My handsome husband looking over the bay
Amazing evening sky
Me sitting on the pier watching Todd fish...
Title of picture: Where are my knees

Me on the pier

The boys after deep-sea fishing
Our family's "Dune Picture"
The cutest little family ever!


Heidi Lanett Mixon said...

How cute!!!! I love the family Dune picture. Can you email me some those! I would like to print and frame them for the living room. So the girls know who you are!!!!
love ya!

Sherri Dodd said...

Thanks for blogging, Autumn. I am happy for this special time in your life and thrilled to follow with you through the blog. Aunt Sherri