Where are D's EYES?

Notice a trend in these pictures??? How many of you have NEVER seen Dalton's eyeballs? It's very possible! He LOVES to sleep sleep sleep . . . all day and all night, anywhere and everywhere!

In Mommy's arms (note the milk drooling off his face)
In Mimi's arms
In the bassinet
On the sofa
In the pack-n-play

In case you were wondering . . . they are a beautiful shade of blue, just like his MOMMY's!


Another BIG 5-0!

Happy Belated BIG 5-0 to Debra/Debo/Nana!
We celebrated her belated birthday at Melear's BBQ in Fayetteville! Mmm mmm good! All the kids enjoyed surrounding her with LOVE!


Coming soon . . .

Today Mandy had her first baby shower to prepare for baby Nolan's arrival. He is expected to arrive April 2nd, but I suspect he will be a March baby! I am so excited to become a GREAT aunt, yes a great-aunt!! Thats WEIRD! And Dalton is very excited to be having a new cousin!

Mandy with Wyatt and Dalton
(her 2 fave boys . . . for now!)

BIG uncle Blake and little D!

As weird as it may seem that Dalton's uncle is only a few months away from being 9 yrs old, it's also just as weird to me that my little brother is growing up so much! It seems like he was just Dalton's size! And it's so neat to think that Blake was Dalton's age when Todd and I first started dating. That's so CRAZY!


Many Faces

I love my new camera, and using it to capture the MANY faces of Dalton! He's so cute, if I do say so myself, and a great subject for practicing with my camera! If he could talk, he'd probably ask why the red and silver thing is always attached to his Mommy's hand? :)


Bumbo Jumbo Fun!

Tried out the BUMBO because someone told me another baby around Dalton's age loved it (thanks Mandy)! Dalton absolutely LOVED it too. If you know my child, he HATES laying down flat, whether it be in your arms, lap, or on a surface. This is the perfect thing for him since he loves to sit straight up. Of course, he is still little so we limit his time b/c his neck gets tired and he starts getting lazy. But I LOVE it and am very glad I got one!
Whoa Mom, what's this!?!
I think I like it!


I love you . . .

all the way from your head . . .
to your toes!!! AND everywhere in between!

These are a few of D's favorite things . . .

It's not so much of the eat, sleep, poop routine anymore. Dalton is branching out in his daily activities. Here are some of the things he LOVES so far. Can't wait to share more as he discovers them.
D loves watching TV in his stationary swing (the batteries are dead)
This is what he does while Mama gets ready in the mornings.
Strolling in the neighborhood . . .

and watching the dogs play in the lake.

Taking baths!!

and being naked!

Watching TV and playing Wii with Da-da.


Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!


lil' heart breaker!

Doesn't everyone want a Valentine like this??

Cute picture of Mommy and D! He's sticking his tongue out!

Our family Valentine picture

D and his froggy from Na-Na


2 (and a half) Month Check-up

Dalton was such a sweet boy for Dr. Smith yesterday! He layed still while he checked him out, and even smiled and cooed at him. Dr. Smith said he looks perfect! He was 12 lbs 15 oz and 23 1/2 inches. A big boy!! There was a 4 month old there that only weighed 13 lbs. Dalton looked like a bruiser compared to him! But we must remember what a good start Dalton got, all 9lbs 4 oz of him! No bullying, Dalton!
He was so happy and then he had to get shots! Actually the nurse restraining him upset him more than the actual shots. He did fine and is doing well now! They told us he might be whiny and cranky, but no sign of that yet. I may have headed it off with some Tylenol! Whew! He's been smiling and gooing all morning.
Because I was such a good girl at the doctor (only cried once) I got a surprise!! A new camera! So no more cell phone pics like those here, YAY!


Naked BOY!

Despite the camera being broken, I got the video camera out and took some still shots with it. Tried to get some video of him cooing or rolling over. The only rolls in the video were the ones on his arms!! And he barely cooed. No FUN! I would share them anyway, but the file sizes are too big to attach on here. Now I realize that! He's such a sweetie! Here he's 11 wks old!

No I don't generally have Dalton naked in February, but he had spit up on 3 outfits and it was almost bathtime! :) I really am a good mom, I promise!

What's up with Dalton??

Camera is broken!
Yes, that explains why there have been no new pictures of our precious little man!
And somewhat explains my lack of blog posts...
News on Dalton's behalf:
  • He rolled over from stomach to back on Jan. 29th (2 times that day) and only once since. He's like Okay, I can do it, what's next?
  • Cooing and ah-gooing more and more everyday. Sometimes even when he's alone. I think he likes to entertain himself (or get our attention)!
  • He turned 10wks on Saturday the 31st!!
  • On Saturday night he slept from 9pm to 9:30am, getting up once to eat from 1:30am to 2am! Apparently he gets something from me! My LOVE for sleep!
  • Last night he was worn out after a disappointing loss for Kurt Warner in the Super Bowl. He slept from 10:15pm to 7am. I have to be honest and say I woke him up at 7am b/c I was worried that he hadn't ate. Was he starving . . . NO he just smiled and waited patiently on breakfast! After he ate, he went back to sleep until 10am!! I LOVE this!
  • He goes for his 2 (and a half) month check-up on Feb. 11th! We'll see what they say! I think he's BIG!
Onto my own news . . . pray for my return to work! D-day is March 10th!