This will probably be our last year to give out candy, for a while at least,
because we will be out trick-or-treating with Dalton next year! Yay!
We always have so much fun decorating and spooking the kids! :)
Spider belly gave out candy!
Crazy chainsaw man! He scared all the teens
that were too old to be out trick-or-treating!
We even had one girl come up with a cigarette in her hand!

Our spider pumpkin! Blake thought it was a peanut!
Thanks Blake!

Our house

We had a lot of trick-or-treaters, they came by car loads, in wagons,

truck beds . . . there were so many, we had to ration the candy!

Trick-or-Treating at MawMaws

MawMaw had the cutest trick-or-treaters EVER!
Sydney the "cat" running away!
Debo the "Nana"
Sasha as "Tinkerbell"
Garin as "Bob the Builder"
Gavin as "Tony Stewart"
and Micah as "Daddy"

MawMaw with the not-so-cute trick-or-treaters:

Dad as the "Falcon fanatic" and me as "Spider belly"

Dalton Update

Today I had a doctors appt. Dalton measured 6 1/2 lbs give or take a 1/2 lb. He's a big boy, but the doctor said he's nice and healthy, obviously! I got to see one of his ears really good and lots of hair behind it, very long. I wonder what color it is!! His ear looked just like Todd's . . . imagine that! He's gonna be Todd's little clone! But I did see his lips too, they are VERY full and too cute, maybe he gets that from me! :)
Everything else was fine. Me and Dalton are growing nicely and moving right along at 33wks. Only 6 or 7 to go. The doctor said they wouldn't want to take Dalton early just because he's big, they just want to let him grow and get fully developed. So we shall see how big he gets! Begin praying for me NOW! :)


Big Baby Shower!

Today I had a big shower at church. Instead of having a few small showers, Todd's family, Mom's family and Lynnie's family went in together to throw a big one. It was so nice! There were lots of people and lots of presents to open. With my pregnancy horomones raging, I bursted into tears on one of the first presents--- my Mom gave me my favorite book from childhood to pass to Dalton, and also a pair of my baby shoes! Then I opened a basket full of things with a frame on it that read "I Love Grandma" with a picture of Todd's mom on it. I continued to cry hysterically. After getting all of the tears out of the way, we had refreshments and yummy cake! Then I opened the rest of the presents, with a little help from my little helpers, Ella and Bo! They must have known I was getting tired! !
I got so many handmade things that Dalton and I will cherish forever. I have a lot of talented family


Dekalb Shower

Tonight a few of the girls from work threw me a shower at Los Bravos, a mexican restaurant near the hospital. We ate, opened presents, had petit fours, and the girls shared their motherly wisdom with me. It was a blast! My favorite part was the Mariachi band coming up to the table. They asked if it was a birthday, and we said no that it was a baby shower. They played "Its a Small World" and then the Looney Tunes theme. It was hilarious. As you can see below.


Our Little LineBacker!

We had our 3D appointment today! Dalton cooperated like a good little boy! Bless his heart, he looks so cramped in there already, with his big ole' cheeks! He may have my big cheeks, but check out his resemblance to Todd's baby picture (eyes, nose, and mouth)! Daddy was proud to see his son looking so much like him! I could only hope he turns out to be as cute as his daddy!


My First Shower! :)

I had my first baby shower today, given by Beth and Shelley, my cousins. It was mostly my dad's family there and of course my Mom and Nanny came too and a few friends. I got a lot of stuff. Lots of clothes as you can see and some of my big items too! Everything was perfect and got me so excited to start putting things in his room, it's beginning to look like a baby's room now. Can't wait til I get my bedding and it will make it look more complete! You can see his room is already starting to fill up! :) It will be filled even more next weekend after I have my work shower and big shower for the rest of the family and friends. Those pictures will be posted too.


What to do when you can't sleep!

Its 6am and I don't have to work today! Why am I awake right now?? Well, why was I awake at 12, 2:30, 3:15, 5:30?
I love baby Dalton . . . but it's all his fault. :)
So since I can't sleep, I decided to do a little research. Apparently this is common. Someone should have shared that with me.
I said to Mom "I guess I might as well get used to the fact that I'm not gonna sleep much for the next few weeks!"
She replied "HA, try the next few years!!"

Sleep problem: Insomnia during pregnancy
Stumped by your sudden insomnia? Could it be that you can't get comfortable, need to pee constantly, have leg cramps, and are excited — and anxious — about your baby's arrival? With such a litany of physical and emotional sleep disturbances to cope with, it's no surprise that 78 percent of women have insomnia and other sleep problems during pregnancy. Although misery may love company, it won't provide much solace when you're watching the numbers on your clock radio change in the middle of the night.

Insomnia during Pregnancy
The Causes and the Cures of Insomnia

Later Insomnia
Dr. Powell says women usually don't exhibit many sleep problems in the second trimester, what she calls "the honeymoon trimester," but insomnia often occurs in the third trimester. "As the third trimester progresses there's more pressure on your lungs and you fatigue more asily but start sleeping more poorly," says Dr. Powell. "The cause for virtually all of the sleep disturbances at this phase can be traced to the increase in size of the abdomen." <---- AMEN!
In the case of the third trimester, it's not so much inability to sleep or being out of rhythm with sleep cycles as it is sleep disturbances. For example, the bladder once again starts feeling the pressure of the enlarging uterus and the mother-to-be may find herself up and down several times a night.
Sleep disturbances are common for other reasons. Rolling over is not as easy as it once was, and for women who prop themselves with several pillows, it may involve enough readjusting to cause them to wake up. Heartburn can also be severe enough to awaken you from sleep.
Another common problem is trouble getting comfortable. Some people only get their best sleep in certain positions, so back sleepers or stomach sleepers have to adjust to sleeping on their sides. However, as Dr. Powell points out, this may actually be a good thing, as it's not good for the baby to sleep on your back.
At this point in the pregnancy, there's not a lot that can be done about some of the things causing insomnia. For heartburn, your doctor can recommend a safe antacid or other medication. Exercise may also help with insomnia.

Guess Dalton's birthweight!

Aunt Sherri suggested that I start a baby pool for guessing the birthweight of baby Dalton! You have to post a comment on this blog to be included. Then I will decide the prize once he's born! Have fun and BE NICE!

Entries so far:
Aunt Sherri says 8lbs 15oz.
Heidi says 9lbs 2oz.



I added my 30wk belly picture to the slideshow above! Enjoy! I missed a few weeks... oops.


Long overdue!

I have been tackling some spyware, adware, viruses, etc on our computer and therefore have not been able to get on here to post. Finally, I am beginning to get them under control. So I am back-posting some stuff. Enjoy!


Baby Got Back!

Today I had my specialist appt and a regular OB appt. so Todd took off to go. He hasn't been to an appt with me since school started back, so he wanted to go when he could go to both appts. Anyway.... at the specialist appt Dalton passed all his tests with flying colors. Unfortunately he was turned this week so that we couldn't zoom in and get any pics of his famous cheeks. I asked for them to do a weight measurement on him because it had been 3 weeks since they told me he was 2lbs 10oz. Sooo . . . after checking all the measurements, they estimated that at 30wks he weighs 4lbs 5oz!! From what I have read in my books and seen on my weekly updates online, at 30wks they expect the baby to be 3lbs (give or take a few ounces). So I immediately started laughing hysterically. Todd's response was "I haven't even caught a fish that big this year!" The doctor proceeds to tell me that this is fine and normal for this point. I think he was just trying not to scare me! But that he would probably gain another 5lbs before birth! In case you need any help, that totals 9lbs 5oz (give or take)!!
From my experience at work, tiny women usually have big babies and the big mama's like me have tiny babies. I think we can throw that theory out the window! Hey, at least he'll bounce when we drop him and we don't have to worry about him being fragile!
The OB appt went fine too! We are just in shock of this big ole' baby boy! I can't wait to see him! What if this is in my future?????

17lb baby Nadia, born in Russia, the largest of her mother's 12 children, all weighing over 11lbs.