The real reason . . .

for Tech's win over UGA!
Their newest little fan was wearing team colors to support the Jackets!

Dalton and Daddy watching the game!


Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving,
The Paynes

Our butterball!


Here we come!

We finally came home!

Snuggled in the car!
The doctor released Dalton this morning and gave us instructions to watch his jaundice closely and follow-up with the pediatrician. You can't imagine how happy we were to hear the word "discharged"! Praise God!


Dalton Day 3

We're still at the hospital! Dalton is 3 days old now and we are still camped out at the hospital. Mommy has been discharged, but thank goodness they gave us the option to stay here with Dalton. He has jaundice and they have been checking and rechecking his levels. This morning, the 5am labs came back higher so they put him under the bili lights. Its so pitiful! Pray for Mommy and Daddy, we are so ready to take our butterball home, and have had quite a few breakdowns. Pray for the Lord to give us strength and to be thankful that he only has jaundice, I can think of so many worse things. We are just overwhelmed and sleep deprived. Would love our own bed! We will let everyone know when Dalton gets to come home!

Our little superhero!


He has arrived! Praise God!

Our baby boy as arrived!
Dalton Todd Payne
November 22, 2008 at 8:39pm
A whopping 9lbs 4oz 20in
Auburn hair and red skin
Proud Daddy and there's no denying it! This child is his clone!
Our first family photo
Our big boy! He's got the jaws we've been waiting to see!
So sweet!
Mommy's Thanksgiving butterball!Playing dress up. He's such a good and sweet baby!


Coming SOON!!

Here we are! Yesterday (Friday) I went for my weekly testing at the specialist, and . . . my blood pressure was VERY high for me, despite my BP medicine, I had protein in my urine, had gained 7lbs most likely of fluid. Despite all this, Dalton checked out fine, now at 9lbs. They sent me over for induction of labor. About 24hrs later, we are still here and I'm progressing well at 4cm. Dalton will be here on 11/22!! I am so excited and nervous, we weren't expecting things this early! Prayers PLEASE!


I've had enough!!

Today was my last day at work! Look at these feet and cankles and please tell me how I could possibly work any longer! I'm stuffing my feet into my Crocs like stuffing a Thanksgiving turkey! The specialist recommended that if I didn't stop working that I would need to increase my BP medicine dosage. Rather than take more medicine, I decided to call it quits!


Our Little Man's Room

Thanks to all of you who have showered us with gifts!
As you can clearly see, his room is FULL of wonderful things!

We're ready NOW! (We think)

Been busy these last few weeks! Very busy! I posted back to Halloween for everyone to see whats been going on!
It looks like Dalton will be here before we know it! We've been doing lots of things to get ready for his arrival. We had our Childbirth Education class on Saturday. It was a 9-5 crash course! Obviously I know a little about labor and delivery, so we mostly went for Todd! But . . . 8hrs and $85 later, he says that I taught him more over the last few years by hearing my stories from work than the class actually did. Who knew he was actually listening to me!?!
We bought some of the last few things that we need to prepare for Dalton and finally finished his room! :)
Sounds like we are ready, but now I'm getting a little nervous! The due date has been approaching very slowly since we found out in March and now it seems like its rapidly getting closer! Down to the last few weeks!
I'm puffy and stuffy now... got some SERIOUS swelling of the feet and hands going on and got a stuffy sniffly nose to go with it! Yuck!
Surely God knows I'm ready for this baby NOW! (You heard that, God . . . . right?)


"Capture the Moment"

Copyright Heidi Mixon

Capture the Moment Photography

Sunday afternoon

On Sunday after church, we got together to eat lunch
and then to take some family photos!

Me and Heidi
4 generations

Nanny and Koletyn
Our family
Nanny "getting some sugar"
Koletyn and Aunt Autumn
Nanny, Brandon, and Koletyn
Nanny and the boys



On November 1st, a very special person turned 90yrs old!
We threw my Nanny a birthday party to remember.
She started making the guest list early in 2008 and it grew to include
600-650 people, 250+ families! She has never met a stranger
and never had an enemy in her life, so we knew the party was likely
to have many guests!

This is her in the very front, on stage, welcoming over 250 guests!
She sat in a chair on stage as many spoke about her and she
listened, tearfully.
She greeted the guests who all brought a long stemmed rose
and card for her to enjoy!
Hundreds of beautiful roses, all unique!

She had special guests come from other states. Heidi came from Arizona!

And Koletyn and Brandon came from Alabama! Here's Nanny holding Koletyn! :)