On November 1st, a very special person turned 90yrs old!
We threw my Nanny a birthday party to remember.
She started making the guest list early in 2008 and it grew to include
600-650 people, 250+ families! She has never met a stranger
and never had an enemy in her life, so we knew the party was likely
to have many guests!

This is her in the very front, on stage, welcoming over 250 guests!
She sat in a chair on stage as many spoke about her and she
listened, tearfully.
She greeted the guests who all brought a long stemmed rose
and card for her to enjoy!
Hundreds of beautiful roses, all unique!

She had special guests come from other states. Heidi came from Arizona!

And Koletyn and Brandon came from Alabama! Here's Nanny holding Koletyn! :)

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