Dalton Day 3

We're still at the hospital! Dalton is 3 days old now and we are still camped out at the hospital. Mommy has been discharged, but thank goodness they gave us the option to stay here with Dalton. He has jaundice and they have been checking and rechecking his levels. This morning, the 5am labs came back higher so they put him under the bili lights. Its so pitiful! Pray for Mommy and Daddy, we are so ready to take our butterball home, and have had quite a few breakdowns. Pray for the Lord to give us strength and to be thankful that he only has jaundice, I can think of so many worse things. We are just overwhelmed and sleep deprived. Would love our own bed! We will let everyone know when Dalton gets to come home!

Our little superhero!


Brittany Teti said...

I'll be praying for you both and Dalton!

Heidi Lanett Mixon said...

that has got to be THE SINGLE MOST COOLEST picture EVER!!!!

Sherri Dodd said...

Hope Dalton is improving and that you are already home with him. Happy Thanksgiving. Love to all you Paynes, Aunt Sherri