Dalton's Thomas the Train Party

Here's Dalton's 3rd Birthday
There was no question that it would be train themed. 
I bought some Thomas themed stuff and then got a little creative for everything else.

 I found clip art of both of these railroad crossing signs and printed on Avery sticker paper, ran through the printer, cut them out and voila! I bought lollipop sticks at Michaels and placed the signs on the sticks (sticky sign on front, and plain paper on back, to make them stick). 

I bought a few centerpieces that matched the Thomas theme, but for the round tables, I used pieces of the wooden track to create railway scenes and attached balloons. This was a big hit with the kids b/c they could play at the tables.

 This was the favor table. I bought the bags and whistles to match, but made my own snack favors.
 These were Hostess brand HoHos. Again, I created this image using Microsoft Word and then printed on sticker paper and placed on the HoHo package. Super simple!