Little boys love . . .

trains and their Grampaws!
Grampaw and I took Dalton to see the old train, train depot, and to eat at the "Whistle Post Tavern" in Conyers! I guess you know, he LOVED it!
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These two are a trip! Even though they don't see each other often, Koletyn loves Daltma. But what's funny is when Daltma isn't around to defend himself, Koletyn says "Daltma did it!" Haha!
Mimi: "Koletyn, who made this mess?
Koletyn: "Daltma"
Mimi: "Koletyn, who broke this?"
Koletyn: "Daltma"
Poor Daltma better learn how to say a sentence so he can defend himself. lol.
I predict these cousins getting into lots of trouble in the future!

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