We're ready NOW! (We think)

Been busy these last few weeks! Very busy! I posted back to Halloween for everyone to see whats been going on!
It looks like Dalton will be here before we know it! We've been doing lots of things to get ready for his arrival. We had our Childbirth Education class on Saturday. It was a 9-5 crash course! Obviously I know a little about labor and delivery, so we mostly went for Todd! But . . . 8hrs and $85 later, he says that I taught him more over the last few years by hearing my stories from work than the class actually did. Who knew he was actually listening to me!?!
We bought some of the last few things that we need to prepare for Dalton and finally finished his room! :)
Sounds like we are ready, but now I'm getting a little nervous! The due date has been approaching very slowly since we found out in March and now it seems like its rapidly getting closer! Down to the last few weeks!
I'm puffy and stuffy now... got some SERIOUS swelling of the feet and hands going on and got a stuffy sniffly nose to go with it! Yuck!
Surely God knows I'm ready for this baby NOW! (You heard that, God . . . . right?)

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