Baby Got Back!

Today I had my specialist appt and a regular OB appt. so Todd took off to go. He hasn't been to an appt with me since school started back, so he wanted to go when he could go to both appts. Anyway.... at the specialist appt Dalton passed all his tests with flying colors. Unfortunately he was turned this week so that we couldn't zoom in and get any pics of his famous cheeks. I asked for them to do a weight measurement on him because it had been 3 weeks since they told me he was 2lbs 10oz. Sooo . . . after checking all the measurements, they estimated that at 30wks he weighs 4lbs 5oz!! From what I have read in my books and seen on my weekly updates online, at 30wks they expect the baby to be 3lbs (give or take a few ounces). So I immediately started laughing hysterically. Todd's response was "I haven't even caught a fish that big this year!" The doctor proceeds to tell me that this is fine and normal for this point. I think he was just trying not to scare me! But that he would probably gain another 5lbs before birth! In case you need any help, that totals 9lbs 5oz (give or take)!!
From my experience at work, tiny women usually have big babies and the big mama's like me have tiny babies. I think we can throw that theory out the window! Hey, at least he'll bounce when we drop him and we don't have to worry about him being fragile!
The OB appt went fine too! We are just in shock of this big ole' baby boy! I can't wait to see him! What if this is in my future?????

17lb baby Nadia, born in Russia, the largest of her mother's 12 children, all weighing over 11lbs.


Sherri Dodd said...

Hi, Autumn, Let's start a contest of guessing what Dalton's birth weight will be. You can decide the prize for whoever is the closest. :) I think Dalton will not be 17 lbs. but rather 8 lb 15oz. You will do great, I am sure. Praying for you, Aunt Sherri

Heidi Lanett Mixon said...

I am going to say 9lbs 2oz!!!

Heidi Lanett Mixon said...

Hey maybe he will come early and only weigh 8lbs? Either way (I know you know this already) but take the Epidural!!!!!!