Dalton Update

Today I had a doctors appt. Dalton measured 6 1/2 lbs give or take a 1/2 lb. He's a big boy, but the doctor said he's nice and healthy, obviously! I got to see one of his ears really good and lots of hair behind it, very long. I wonder what color it is!! His ear looked just like Todd's . . . imagine that! He's gonna be Todd's little clone! But I did see his lips too, they are VERY full and too cute, maybe he gets that from me! :)
Everything else was fine. Me and Dalton are growing nicely and moving right along at 33wks. Only 6 or 7 to go. The doctor said they wouldn't want to take Dalton early just because he's big, they just want to let him grow and get fully developed. So we shall see how big he gets! Begin praying for me NOW! :)

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