Big Baby Shower!

Today I had a big shower at church. Instead of having a few small showers, Todd's family, Mom's family and Lynnie's family went in together to throw a big one. It was so nice! There were lots of people and lots of presents to open. With my pregnancy horomones raging, I bursted into tears on one of the first presents--- my Mom gave me my favorite book from childhood to pass to Dalton, and also a pair of my baby shoes! Then I opened a basket full of things with a frame on it that read "I Love Grandma" with a picture of Todd's mom on it. I continued to cry hysterically. After getting all of the tears out of the way, we had refreshments and yummy cake! Then I opened the rest of the presents, with a little help from my little helpers, Ella and Bo! They must have known I was getting tired! !
I got so many handmade things that Dalton and I will cherish forever. I have a lot of talented family

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