Check this out!

Okay seriously, do you see this?? These cheeks have been the talk of my doctor and the ultrasound tech for a few weeks now. Funny to them, not so funny to me! This picture was at the 29 week ultrasound. The ultrasound tech first commented on his chunky cheeks, then proceeded to leave the picture up for the doctor to see when he came in. He chuckled and said "You are going to be able to carry him around by his cheeks!" Haha. This is no suprise to me if any of you have ever seen me from birth to 1 yr or have seen Todd and I now with our large jowls. I think he is absolutely adorable and cannot wait to squeeze and kiss these cheeks! It just makes me worry about the size of this toddler that I am gonna have to birth! Ahhhh!

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Heidi Lanett Mixon said...

This is a really cute picture! You need to photocopy it!

those ultra sound pictures fade pretty fast, especially if they get hot or you glue then into a scrapbook!