Lacking tact

Ladies and gentlemen, lets all please remember to think before we speak!

As an addendum to the post about rude/awkward comments:

"Wow, you're low, is it a boy? I wasn't that low until right before I delivered, and I was 3 wks late!"-- Kohl's cashier

"Oh my, you're twice as big as last time I saw you! Sure there aren't 3 in there? They could've been hiding. What are you going to do when you are 9 months?? We will have to let you lay on the sofa and give you a long straw to the refrigerator." -- delicately spoken by my Dad


Elizabeth Kennedy Grant said...

Oh dear....I totally sympathize. My dear husband bless his heart asked me while I was buying some PJ's for the hospital if I thought the pants would be "wide enough". Sometimes people just don't think. You LOOK BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!! and I say that honestly! Can't wait to see Dalton! (actually one of our boy names we really really liked as well) good choice!

brittanylane said...

You poor thing! I think you look beautiful!! I've been enjoying reading your blog and seeing your pictures! I hope I get to meet the little guy before he gets to be a big guy! Oh, and in answer to your question from my blog (a while ago.. sorry), the website I go to is It's really fun! Hope to talk to you soon!