2 (and a half) Month Check-up

Dalton was such a sweet boy for Dr. Smith yesterday! He layed still while he checked him out, and even smiled and cooed at him. Dr. Smith said he looks perfect! He was 12 lbs 15 oz and 23 1/2 inches. A big boy!! There was a 4 month old there that only weighed 13 lbs. Dalton looked like a bruiser compared to him! But we must remember what a good start Dalton got, all 9lbs 4 oz of him! No bullying, Dalton!
He was so happy and then he had to get shots! Actually the nurse restraining him upset him more than the actual shots. He did fine and is doing well now! They told us he might be whiny and cranky, but no sign of that yet. I may have headed it off with some Tylenol! Whew! He's been smiling and gooing all morning.
Because I was such a good girl at the doctor (only cried once) I got a surprise!! A new camera! So no more cell phone pics like those here, YAY!

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Erica said...

He's getting cuter and cuter! I'm glad those shots went well and I'm glad mama made it through. :) And I'm even more glad you got a new camera...we've been missing seeing pics of your little man!