Bumbo Jumbo Fun!

Tried out the BUMBO because someone told me another baby around Dalton's age loved it (thanks Mandy)! Dalton absolutely LOVED it too. If you know my child, he HATES laying down flat, whether it be in your arms, lap, or on a surface. This is the perfect thing for him since he loves to sit straight up. Of course, he is still little so we limit his time b/c his neck gets tired and he starts getting lazy. But I LOVE it and am very glad I got one!
Whoa Mom, what's this!?!
I think I like it!


Erica said...

You lost your baby in that last picture! He looks like such a little man! Too cute. One question, isn't that thing called a Bumbo? It HAS been a little while...

The Paynes said...

GIRL, YES! Haha. I was obviously sleepy when I did this! Boppy was his FIRST LOVE! Now onto bigger and better things. Thanks for keeping me on my toes (and letting me catch this before anyone else reads it)! :)