Any Reason to Celebrate

It started out just like any other playdate, until Dalton spotted his 1st bday shirt in a box . . .
he insisted to wear it (and started acting so silly)!
Then Mommy found some bday hats and the boys wanted to wear them.
So we decided to just have a party . . . Celebrating these sweet boys and their silliness!
NaNa helped them boogie down!

It's so fun to get down to their level and act just as crazy as them. I think it does me good to let loose!
And by the way, it's so funny how 1 yr olds (especially mine) will only do stuff when you don't need them to. He would NOT wear a hat on his birthday, nor anyone elses, but of course, since he didn't have to, he did! That's just how it goes!
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