About this Blog "Mama"

I am a twenty-something "wannabe stay-at-home-mom".....
mommy to one little Payne and wife to one really big Payne! God has blessed me with the ability and resources to work very part-time. I work two days a week as a labor & delivery nurse, the only job I'll ever want! I call it "witnessing miracles" not "working"!
The rest of my days are spent chasing the little payne~ Dalton! If he lets me.
I also like trying new recipes and have recently become a big user of the crockpot. When I cook, you can pretty much bet, it's in the crockpot!!
Since I am at home with Dalton about 5 days a week, I have challenged myself to prepare him for preschool in the future. Praise God, he catches on quickly, absorbs it so easily and has an amazing memory. Patience is not my best attribute.
Oh yea, I also spend a little time facebooking, blogging, getting inspired on Pinterest and chatting with my mommy gals!
I saved the best for last. I am a growing Christian and I have my Savior Jesus Christ to thank for such an awesome life! He died so that I could truly live . . .

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