Trying something new...

Been reading a few other bloggers lately... and decided to try this on my own! With all the new things going on in our life, this is a great way to update and share our joys.
Right now we are anxiously awaiting our little one to reveal its hotdog or hamburger... BOY or GIRL?!? Tried at 15wks and being the little "payne" that it is, we weren't able to see! Friday I have a level II ultrasound with the specialist and I'll be 18wks at that point! If it's meant to be, we should get a peek! Can't believe I'm already 18wks, almost halfway there. We have longed to be parents ... really, since we met each other... as young as we were, we knew we wanted to start a family together. This baby is truly a miracle from God. Being told we would have difficulty conceiving was a crusher, but we prayed and prayed and ended up not needing any help from fertility methods... all we needed was God! Oh how amazing of a feeling when I saw those positive tests, and then the little pea's heartbeat on the ultrasound... to now seeing it move around and wave at us! God is an awesome God!
This is a wonderful exciting time in our lives and we cannot wait until December! Todd is amazing... rubbing my feet, holding my hand, bringing my vitamins, reminding me of what "the book" says, rubbing my belly and saying "HEY baby" in the cutest little voice! I can only imagine what a father he will be. :) Truly incredible! He looks at me like he cannot believe what "we" created. Smiling from ear to ear.
Definitely anticipate an update at the end of the week. Keep fingers crossed that its legs won't be! Haha!

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