Babymoon at Orange Beach!

Last Thursday after work my knight in shining armour picked me up and we headed off to Orange Beach, AL. We arrived at 2:30am. . . after lots of laughing, talking, and singing loud to keep ourselves awake! We always have so much fun together no matter what the situation, I love my hubby so much!! Friday we spent the day going from the beach to the pool--fighting for shade and running from smokers! YUCK! We've chosen not to smoke at all, but especially around our child; however, the bad decisions other people make can still affect OUR child! That's so horrible and burns me up EVERY time! Why should we have to cater to them...ahhh! Enough on that tangent.
Anyway, Saturday we spent most of the day hanging out, went to the outlet mall and bought lots of stuff for the little man! Came back and swam in the pool. Sunday we headed out to the beach, got everything all set up -- umbrella, chairs, cooler, magazine, etc etc. --- then Todd got mauled by a jellyfish. This was not your normal sting, it literally wrapped itself around his leg. I think he was doing all he could to keep from crying. Bless his heart. I grabbed what I could and followed him up to the room. That was the end of our beach day! We went to the movies and saw The Dark Knight! It was good, a little disturbing, but good. This baby is gonna LOVE action movies or either he was scared to death. . . haha. He was doing flips all over the place! That's the first time I've really felt him move. It was great. Monday we headed out and had another fun trip home, laughing all the way, hahaha!
Fun trip of relaxing and enjoying these last times before baby boy! Pictures to come.
We had time to contemplate a name for this little one. . . introducing. . . .


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