Koletyn visits!

Got to see my precious nephew this weekend-- Koletyn Keith! He's absolutely adorable and such a good baby! He liked me . . . I think he smelled the milk! :) He cooed during church today and kept the attention of all around, what a little blessing! I hope Dalton is as cute as Koletyn. Koletyn has some chunky legs and jaws, which I totally expect from our baby. I so wish that he lived close by, I could love on those jaws 24/7!!!


angelia gautreau said...

Autumn, Of course Dalton will be as cute if not cuter than your nephew. Look at the gene pool he is swimming in. I want to say good luck but, better yet. You are in my prayer and I know you both will be great parents to your child and children to come. You both have waited and tried for this blessing in your lives for awhile now. Love Angelia G.

Erica Shaddix said...

I'm so sad I missed him- I COMPLETELY forgot. I know your little Dalton will be one cutie too! You'll have some sweet little jaws to love on 24/7 soon...I promise! I know it can't come soon enough!

I can't wait to keep updated through your blog! ~E