It's about time!

Being the impatient people that we are, there is no way we were waiting on August 1st. Hey... it pays to work at a hospital. Todd came by today and the ultrasound tech in the Ultrasound dept. said she would do an ultrasound on me! In the back of my mind, I am thinking we are totally wasting our time, expecting her to tell us the baby is in the same position. First I drank lots of apple juice to wake this little one up! : ) We went downstairs and as soon as she put the wand on my belly, she said "Oh, it looks like a boy!" We were both like well, you have to show us please. So she pointed out the legs and then all the correct parts in between! It was all there and very obvious. I said "Are you sure?!?" And she said that she was positive... "That's a boy all day long!" I could not stop laughing, totally shocked. After months of hearing girl, girl, girl from EVERYONE, it was such a huge shocker to hear those words...IT'S A BOY! We walked out happy.... me smiling and laughing and Todd walking with his head a little higher ("I made a boy!" "I have a fishing buddy!")! So glad we took the chance to peek, of course we're still getting it double checked on August 1st before we start buying anything!
Whew.... it's about time!

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