No luck!!

We went to our doctor's appointment to get the level II ultrasound. The ultrasound tech said "Oh it doesn't look like we'll be finding out today, look how it's positioned!" The baby was breech with its bottom down in my pelvis, and its face was facing my back. Sooooo, there was no view of the little bottom. The arms and legs were moving around like crazy but the baby wouldn't change positions. We got a clear view of each arm and leg, the heart, kidneys, spine, and stomach-- all were fine. We couldn't see the face!! This baby was hiding! So no profile pics for us to keep. They could barely get any pictures for us at all. : ( It was so great to see the baby, but we were so looking forward to finding out the sex! Then the doctor, Dr. Ho, came in and tried too. She shook my belly and I rolled from side to side, all to no avail. This little one is just like its daddy, stubborn! So she told us to come back in 3wks. My appt is August 1st.

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