His Other Love (Orando, The End)

While we were at the resort, we noticed helicopters flying over really low, and each time Dalton would start yelling something.
We finally interpreted "Harold".
For non-Thomas the Train addicts, Harold is the helicopter on the show.
Go figure, this kid would be able to say "Harold" when he can't even say simple stuff!
Anyway, we found the source for the low-flying helicopters . . . a helitour place nearby.
There was a couple there thinking about flying. The woman was chickening out, but thanks to my son's pitiful face and ravashing good looks, she opted for the ride!!! (In my mind, I'm thinking, if they crash I'm gonna feel really bad!)
Dalton got to experience a Harold taking off! It was loud and super windy, but HE LOVED IT!
I don't think his love for helicopters will replace his love for trains, but he sure does love some Harolds!

What a fun last day in Orlando!
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