Is He *Really* Sick?

We've all had the nasty crud around here lately, and Dalton didn't seem to be getting better, so I took him to the doc. Sure he seems fine, but the colors I've seen from his nose (TMI) have told me otherwise. Here he is, not very convincing to the doc. (She said he just needs to use his nebulizer until he clears up. We'll get to that in a minute.)

I let him take his own thermometer. We've been practicing at home, b/c sadly enough, the taking of the temp at the beginning of every doc visit is a disaster! So anyway, we've been taking it at home to let him know, it's not gonna kill him. Soooo he took his toy thermometer to show the nurse how it's done. Of course, they all thought it was adorable. Mommy was just glad all the practicing has prepared him. No meltdown.
I just got out my camera to snap the pics of him sitting so sweetly, and I guess he thought he heard me say "Smile" b/c that's what he did! Ever seen a red-headed Asian?
Sitting in the chair like a big boy! Trains in hand, of course!
Playing with Mommy's glasses. Now you all see why I can never get mad at this face!?!
Again, he won't wear his own Sesame Street glasses, but he'll insist on wearing mine! A mind of his own.

About the nebulizer:
Any other moms use Albuterol nebulizers on their little ones?
I don't think it's just me, but it makes him act like he's on drugs! Running and yelling and rolling around on the floor. No NAPS!
But I guess it's the price I'll pay to clear up his sickness.
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Erica said...

esNO ALBUTEROL!!!!!!! It turned my, ahem, precious angel into a complete and utter heathen!! Seriously, girl, call them and tell them you HAVE to have something else! Xopenex (what Ella uses)still has albuterol but doesn't make her crazy.

Also, that "cheese" picture is simply hilarious!! :)