Baby Dalton isn't shy anymore...

Baby Dalton's profile, cute lips!
The jewels we've been waiting to see!
Went to the specialist today to retry this ultrasound thing. All that talking to Dalton must have affected him because he finally obeyed and let us get a lot of great shots of him. He was moving around and positioned great. The doctor was very thorough and pointed out each little thing. We saw: teeth, lips, open mouth, eye sockets, nose, sinuses, brain, lungs, stomach, umbilical cord and blood flow, heart beating (and heard it), kidneys, pee-pee, leg bones, arm bones, spine, hands, and feet! He says everything looks "beautiful" and "healthy"! Great news, praise God!! Dalton measured exactly 21wks and weighs about 13oz. (a little shy of a pound). The doctor zoomed in on his little mouth and his big lips were spread apart and puckered-- that was my favorite part, looked like he was sucking or tasting! :)
I asked about my only ailment~my swelling feet and he pretty much said "suck it up"-- just kidding. He said that support hose would help, but it's so hot right now to hold off on those for fall, just to keep them elevated when I get off work!
That's all for now.
Kicking 24/7

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