Picture says it all!

In the past few weeks, I've gotten the following comments:

"Whew, you look like you're 'bout due, aren't ya?" -- family member (this was at about 18-20wks)

"If I were you I'd just get a men's shoe, that way it will be wide enough" --Payless saleswoman

"When are you due? . . . Oh you are a nice size for 6months!"-- coworker

"When are you due? . . . Oh wow you are really big to have so far to go . . . sure it's not twins??"-- another coworker

"Are you going to be able to work until December??"-- another coworker

Okay seriously, take note that most of these people are my coworkers who work with emotional preggos every day! Do these things seem like okay things to say? Some people just have no tact at all!! I'm sure it's only going to get worse.
I'll keep sharing-- just please laugh with me NOT at me!


Heidi Lanett Mixon said...

I love the 22 week picture... Are you due soon? could be twin right... I will laugh with you... Nobody ever laughs at a pregnant woman... unless they have a death wish!

Anonymous said...

Autumn, dear, you are beautiful! Don't let anyone get you down. I got asked at 6 months with Cayden if I was due soon. I wanted to smack the woman. So maybe it just runs in the family. I am so happy for you. Enjoy all you can of this time and ignore the rude ,tackless ones. Praying for you. Aunt Sherri