Drowning in a sea of BABY STUFF!

What a day! I am expecting the next few weekends to be very busy-- next weekend we're going to the mtns, then working the next weekend, and then Todd's family reunion and Festival of Light on the last weekend of the month, then work, then going to Daytona for an entire week! (Now that I wrote that out, I realize I do have a lot going on. GREAT~ now I'm overwhelmed!)
Soooo.... we decided to go ahead and register for baby stuff while we had a free weekend. Todd is not the most opinionated person (well, not for these kind of things) so my Mom came with us for her opinion and motherly input. We headed off to Babies R Us after filling our bellies at Chick-fil-a. And thank God we did fill our bellies, because I had no idea what the next 3 1/2 hrs would hold! We signed in and got our scanner gun. Mom and I started on the small stuff (pacifiers, bottles, first aid stuff) while Todd ran next door to get some stuff for the dogs. When he returned, finished with his shopping, we had gotten through all of 2 aisles, literally! Side note: for the past few weeks I have been online shopping and comparing different items to better prepare myself for this journey; HOWEVER I think it took me just as long, if not longer to get through this process! We signed out and gave the scanner gun back after 3 1/2 hrs. The girl at the desk was like "We were wondering about you, you are the only one that hasn't signed out!" Imagine that! Anyway, 3 1/2 hrs later, we had finished registering for EVERYTHING I could possibly EVER need!!!!
Attn Family and Friends: There are 11 pages of stuff for all of you to choose from, please do not let me catch you in the store fighting over items! Haha. Trust me, there is PLENTY there. And I also registered online for a few items at Target!

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