Weekend in the Mtns

At the Dillard House, yum yum!

Mom carrying our loot from the Dillard House! That was our lunch on Sunday!

Blake and his new friend at the Resort! She was his favorite thing about the trip!

Nanny couldn't keep her pole in the water long enough to catch a fish . . . but, finally!

Blake finally getting the hang of casting!

Nanny putt-putting. She is SOOO competitive!

The guys!

Preggo putt-putting!

Mom and Lynnie

We went up to our condo in Clarkesville, North GA for the weekend. Nanny, Mom, Lynnie, and Blake went with us. We had a great time fishing, picking apples, playing games, putt-putting, and eating of course! Nanny seemed to really enjoy it all, despite being almost 90yrs old, she hung in there with the rest of us. There were 6 steps down to our condo and she was adamant that nobody was going to help her. Eventually she said " I guess I'd better do what ya'll want me to!" and let Todd and Lynnie carry her down each time. She kept saying she didn't need her walking stick and leaving it in the room/car/etc. Now I see where the family's stubborness comes from! I hope I still have spunk like that when I'm 90yrs old! Praise God that we still have her with us to do fun things!
Now it's back to work! Yuck Yuck!

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Heidi Lanett Mixon said...

I LOVE reading your blog!!! It is so great. It makes me feel like I am not a million miles away but right there with you! I love you and miss you and I am REALLY looking forward to seeing you in November.