Soccer anyone!?!

I have been waiting for this feeling . . .
Baby Dalton has gone from swimming and fluttering to down right kicking and bumping. It feels like he puts his feet against my uterus and just pushes off to swim (just like we do in the pool). It's an amazing thing to feel this confirmation that I'm growing this little life inside of me!
Todd says that he can feel him a lot at night when I'm asleep. He says that while I'm sleeping, Dalton is playing. According to my book, while I'm up and about during the day my movements rock him to sleep, then at night I'm finally motionless and he's WIDE awake!
I can really tell a difference when I've just eaten too! He likes food just like his mommy and daddy! It's funny how I have already noticed patterns in his movement. This is so incredible! God is an awesome creator!!
All I can say is that Todd and I better be learning about soccer, because it looks like he's going to be a fan of the game! Haha.

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