Back to school, whoop de doo. . .

As an TW (teacher's wife) I hate back to school just as much as every student, teacher, and parent out there! I miss Todd so much already! Summer is the best time for us and makes me realize how much I love being together. During the summer Todd would get up with me to eat breakfast before I went off to work, then he'd go back to sleep. On my days off we'd be together all day, whether it was out and about or just hanging out at home. You all know that wherever one of us is, the other is close behind (usually me, these days I don't walk too fast)! Now when I get up for work it's all quiet and dark in the house while Todd is snoring. I eat breakfast by myself and then I'm off for another glorious day of work. And on my days off I can be found lying on the sofa, that's if I make it out of bed, or at the computer doing meaningless junk! Fun fun!
Plus, it doesn't make it any better that I now have to start cooking and cleaning again. I definitely don't mind sharing responsibilities at home because Todd really helps me out a lot when he doesn't have to. But during the summer he pretty much does everything since he's home everyday. It's so nice to come home and not have to worry about laundry or dishes!
I know you are all like whah, whah, get over it. But I just wanted to share how much I hate back to school too!!! It's like I'm depressed.

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Erica Shaddix said...

No, it's not like you're depressed- it's like your pregnant! :)