Sharing, Playing, and "Business"

I'm trying to get my little guy to play with others more, so that he can get used to sharing and being around other little ones. It was the perfect opportunity for playtime when Mandy asked me to watch little Nolan!
Dalton needs alone time sometimes, especially to do his morning "business" if you know what I mean. Only one problem, everywhere he went, somebody else was right behind him. He may not be walking yet, but little Nolan can certainly crawl like a champ to keep up. Needless to say, Dalton waited until Nolan left to do his "business". I didn't think they started this so soon!
Playing with the ball popper
Working on sharing. Here's evidence. What I didn't capture was Dalton screaming when Nolan took this out of his hand. Haha. I was playing referee all morning!
My little cutie!
These crazy boys ran around and wore themselves out!
Dalton trying to chill out and relax with some TV time after all that playing!

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