15 Month Check-Up!

15 Months Old!

Dalton had his check-up on Tuesday. It was D-Day as far as his ears are concerned. (Dalton had 4 ear infections in 6 months. Dr. Chin told us 3 wks ago that if his ears weren't clear of fluid and yuckiness at this check-up, then she would be referring us to an ENT for tubes. Meanwhile, Dalton has been taking Allegra & Nasonex spray every day, in hopes of clearing up his little allergy prone nose. And therefore, clearing up the fluid on his ears.) So, I'm saying all this to say, HIS EARS WERE CLEAR! He hadn't had a runny nose in 3 wks. Praise God, these meds really worked! Looks like he's just gonna be allergy-prone.
Side note: Apparently I have a strong 15 mo. old, just ask the 3 people that held him down just for looking in his ears. :( What can I say? He hates it!!!
Here's a few pics, before it turned ugly . . .

26 lbs 13 oz & 32 inches
Healthy (& strong) as a horse!!!

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Erica said...

Yay! So glad for good news!