The not so "first day" back!

Pep talk after pep talk, I finally had psyched myself up for the first official day back to work. The plan was for Todd to take Dalton to my mom's on the way to work. All plans were made, Dalton's bags were packed, my lunch was made, clothes laid out . . . etc etc.
The phone rings at 5am. "Autumn, I hate to do this to you on your first day back . . . buuuuttt . . . we don't need you this morning. Call back at 10 to see if we need you at 11."
Apparently, the Lord was watching over the patients of Dekalb Medical Center on Tuesday. Dalton had a horrible night (which normally don't exist here at the House of Payne). I suppose he could sense my tenseness and apprehension about working on Tuesday. He literally didn't sleep for more than 30 minutes at a time. IT WAS HORRIBLE!! When my alarm went off at 4:30, I had already been up for quite a while. But I jumped in the shower to begin my routine. After the phone call, Todd and I immediately stopped everything and thanked God for the blessing of a few extra hours of sleep. Dalton had finally gotten into a good sleep now at 5am. There was no way I could have cared for patients on Tuesday, I could barely care for myself after the night we had.
Needless to say, when I called at 10 after having slept from 6am to 9am, they asked if I needed to come in. HA, yes I may have needed the money, but I still was in no mood for working. I was exhaused. I took advantage of being given a choice, and chose not to go in!
I took that as an opportunity to spend the beautiful 80-something degree day with my baby boy! And I'm glad I did.
We'll try this whole "back to work" thing next week!!

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Misty said...

I love your new blog, very cute!!
I am happy to hear the Lord worked everything out with you getting to stay home. By the way...what do you labor and delivery room nurses talk about with your husbands at dinner??:) Patients like me I guess.