Another Linebacker for the family . . .

He'll just play for a different team than Dalton. :)

Introducing . . .

Nolan David Hyde IIIborn to Mandy and Nolan Hyde
on Sunday March 29th
at 12:11am
9lbs 5oz.
22 inches long

So yes, this does mean that I am now a "great"-aunt at the age of 24! How crazy is that? And "great"-uncle Todd is SOOO proud too. Mandy and baby Nolan are do
ing well. She labored like a champ. Contractions started on Saturday around lunch time. She went to the hospital at 2pm and was pushing by 11:30pm. She pushed soooo great, but baby Nolan was sunny-side up, which made for a VERY difficult delivery. Pray for Mandy as she recovers in the next few weeks. And pray for baby Nolan that his head and face heal.... the doctor used a vaccuum and forceps which left a big strawberry bruise under all his black hair. Also his face is bruised from where he was hitting her pelvic bone as she pushed. Overall he is doing great ... and so handsome! I suppose they will come home today. Pray they don't have an extended stay, like we did!

Dalton loves him already. He was trying to hold baby Nolan's HUGE hand!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures! He is a little sweetie! I am so glad to hear that Mandy is doing well, please send her my love.