Happy 91st, Nanny!

As stated by my cousin, Nanny is the oldest person we know!
We are blessed that the Lord has kept her around for all these 91 years. He is working through her...there is not a person I know that doesn't love her. She is the most faithful Christian woman that I know and I appreciate all she has taught me about the Lord! I can only hope that I touch as many people in my lifetime as she has in hers.

A few pics of her party!

Dalton lovin' on his Nanny! (Or Nanny lovin' on her Dalton)
Opening presents. You'd think a 91 yr old would be over the excitement of a birthday and receiving presents, but not this one, she LOVES every bit of it! You can see it in her eyes!
Haha. Dalton sitting in his Uncle Randy's chair that is VERY old! We've all sat in this chair!

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