Almost done . . .

with playing "catch-up"! And I promise to not get quite so behind.

Just for a quick update.

Dalton is walking like crazy. He started walking a little bit as soon as he turned 13 months, but now at 14 months, he only walks . . . all the time! No crawling for this boy. He figured out that he can also run, which sort of looks like godzilla walking really fast, and get places much quicker. (Like when he hears someone in the snack cabinet or fridge, or his bathwater running, or the voice of someone he LOVES) It's so cute.

Started going to a new pediatrician. Thanks to Erica! I loved Dr. Chen and I think Dalton did too, after he realized he wasn't there for shots! She was great with him and great with me too. Answered all my questions and was very pleasant, and get this, she actually listened. Something I'm not used to with Dalton's old docs. So that went great, and she said Dalton's ear infection was clearing up nicely. Will follow up for a 15 month check up.

Also, I feel like nobody reads this sometimes and maybe nobody cares if I'm behind on my postings or not. So please, if you read this, COMMENT so that I will know I'm not just writing for nothing. :) Sometimes I think that is the case. To the maybe 2 people that do comment, thank you. I do this for ya'll! It only takes a sec to comment, and if you don't, then I don't know you're reading this. I need encouragement to continue. I do enjoy it!


brittanylane said...

haha, I know how you feel about wondering if I'm talking to no one. But I do read your blog every time you post! I love hearing about Dalton growing up :) Can't wait to see you again!

The Paynes said...

Thanks, Brittany! I love reading yours too. Miss you! Glad to hear you'll be in GA this summer! :)

Erica said...

Oh my goodness...sounds like you're getting a toddler on your hands.

We're glad you're back in the blogging business. I've missed you! And I DO try to comment! :)

The Paynes said...

Yes, Erica. You are one of my faithful readers/comment-leavers! Thank you!