fIvE mOnThS oLd AlReAdY!

D a l t o n

He is really changing every day into such a little boy.
Right now he weighs 14 lbs 11 ounces
and is 25 1/2 inches tall.
He is rolling over both ways (when he feels like it).
Smiling and laughing at Mommy and Daddy.
Sucking on his toes!
Eating cereal bottles, bananas, and sweet potatoes!
He doesn't really like sweet peas. :)
(More GREAT pictures of his first feedings coming soon)
Really recognizing those he sees often
and gets so excited for them, kicking and flailing his arms.
He is a true "wiggle-worm" by definition! Ask anyone who has held him!
Based on that, he will be running before he's crawling. Haha.
He loves his johnny-jump-up and exersaucer,
and watching Mickey Mouse's Playhouse, Handy Manny, and Wonder Pets!
And Mommy does too!

That's all for now, but things are changing quickly. I'll try to get better at updating!

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